Wolverine's Adamantium Claws by LEGO

Release Date: November 2023

The LEGO® Marvel Wolverine's Adamantium Claws (76250) set is an engaging project for adults that allows you to construct a captivating model capturing the essence and power of the renowned Marvel character's clawed glove.

Craft Iconic Adamantium Claws
This faithful rendition of Wolverine's clawed glove is inspired by the character from the Marvel Studios' X-Men '97 TV series. Comprising 596 pieces, the model boasts three adjustable claws, along with an informative display panel and a sturdy base, enabling you to proudly showcase this collectable item.

LEGO Brick Model-Building Kits
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in the enjoyable satisfaction of building with LEGO sets designed for adults. These sets are perfect for anyone who has a passion for imaginative construction or a love for superhero culture.

Here's the provided data converted into a tabular format:

Feature Description
Product Name LEGO® Marvel Wolverine's Adamantium Claws (76250)
Source Authentic recreation based on Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97 TV series
Details 596-piece replica of Wolverine’s clawed glove - 3 posable claws - Movable fingers - Sturdy stand with a descriptive panel
Purpose Build and display for adult enthusiasts
Gift Ideas Suitable as a birthday present, holiday gift, or personal treat for adult model-makers or Marvel enthusiasts
Model Dimensions Over 14.5 in. (37 cm) high, 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide, and 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep
Digital Building Instructions Available through the LEGO® Builder app
Focus Opportunity Immersive project for adults in the LEGO® Sets for Adults range
Quality Assurance LEGO® components meet stringent industry quality standards
Safety Standards LEGO® bricks and pieces undergo rigorous global safety testing


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