Wolverine Construction Figure by LEGO

Release Date: August 2023

Introducing the LEGO® Marvel Wolverine Construction Figure (76257) — a must-have for young superheroes aged 8 and over who are fans of the iconic Marvel character. With its fully jointed design and standing over 22 cm (9 inches) tall, this figure allows kids to embark on endless imaginative adventures.

Here's why the LEGO Marvel Wolverine Construction Figure is an exciting choice for Wolverine fans:

Features Description
Recommended Age 8 years and up
Model Number 76257
Iconic Marvel Character This set features Wolverine, an iconic character from the X-Men franchise, in a fully jointed and authentic LEGO construction figure
Fully Jointed The figure's movable shoulder, arm, hip, and leg joints allow kids to create cool action poses, enabling them to recreate Wolverine's iconic moves from the Marvel films and invent their own adventures
Film-Accurate Details The 327-piece Wolverine figure is authentically detailed, featuring Wolverine's famous extended claws on each hand
Gift for Kids This hands-on play figure makes an excellent birthday, Christmas, or any-day gift for young superheroes aged 8 and over
Portable Play Standing over 22 cm (9 inches) tall, this versatile figure is both sizable and conveniently portable, enabling kids to take their Wolverine adventures with them wherever they go
Intuitive Building Instructions The LEGO Builder app offers an immersive building experience, providing digital tools for zooming in, rotating models in 3D, saving sets, and tracking progress
Expand the Super Hero Fun Collect other LEGO Marvel construction figures in the series, such as the Captain America (76258), Spider-Man (76226), and Venom (76230) sets, to expand the Super Hero fun and create an entire Marvel universe of play possibilities
High Quality LEGO components meet stringent industry quality standards, ensuring consistent quality, compatibility, and ease of building
Safety Tested LEGO bricks and pieces undergo comprehensive testing, including drop, heat, crush, twist, and analysis, to meet rigorous global safety standards

The LEGO Marvel Wolverine Construction Figure allows young superheroes to build, play with, and display their own collectible version of Wolverine. The fully jointed design provides flexibility and allows for easy positioning and posing, giving kids the opportunity to recreate Wolverine's dynamic action poses.

With its film-accurate details, including extended claws and movable joints, this figure captures the essence of Wolverine's character from the Marvel films. Kids can immerse themselves in the Marvel universe as they play out missions and create endless adventures.

Standing over 22 cm (9 inches) tall, this figure is both a remarkable display piece and a portable play companion. Kids can take Wolverine with them wherever they go, ready for action-packed superhero play at any time.

To enhance the building experience, kids can download the LEGO Builder app, which provides intuitive instructions and digital tools for an interactive and engaging building process.

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MADE IN Czech Republic