Water Police Detective Missions by LEGO®

    Introduce children to an engaging police detective play adventure where they assume the starring role in digital storytelling, using authentic LEGO® bricks to conquer captivating on-screen missions and story-driven building challenges. The LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions (60355) playset includes an exciting mission speedboat, a crooks' cell, and four delightful mini-figures, including the beloved LEGO City Adventures TV series character, Duke DeTain.

    Download the Free App This LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions playset necessitates a smartphone or tablet equipped with the complimentary LEGO Building Instructions app.

    Educational Play Children aged 6 and up emerge as the heroes in the heart of the action with LEGO City Missions playsets, cultivating their creativity and problem-solving abilities as they engage with their cherished on-screen personas and tackle instruction-free, hands-on building challenges to save the day!

    Immersive Digital Adventures Introduce youngsters to a lively interactive LEGO® play experience with this LEGO City Water Police Detective Missions (60355) playset.

    What's Included? Inside the box, you'll find everything needed to construct a mission speedboat and tackle instruction-free building challenges, along with four minifigures, including LEGO® City TV character Duke DeTain.

    Interactive LEGO® City Police Play Children assume the lead in digital adventure narratives, employing genuine LEGO bricks to fulfill on-screen crook-catching missions.

    Perfect Gift This interactive LEGO® City Water Police Detective Missions toy playset makes an excellent gift for kids aged 6+ who adore cool toys and video games, ideal for holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion.

    Dimensions Once assembled, the core model mission speedboat stands at over 1.5 inches (4 cm) high, 6 inches (16 cm) long, and 2.5 inches (6 cm) wide.

    Abundant Mission Accessories Miniature accessories encompass scuba gear, a magnifying glass, a life jacket, a walkie-talkie, binoculars, handcuffs, a camera, and treasure.

    Unrestricted Play Kids utilize authentic LEGO® bricks and their own imagination to surmount on-screen building challenges and save the day!

    App-Enhanced Playset LEGO® City Missions playsets necessitate a smartphone or tablet equipped with the LEGO Building Instructions app.

    Quality Assurance Every LEGO® component adheres to strict industry standards to ensure uniformity, compatibility, and enjoyment during assembly, just as it has since 1958.

    Safety is Paramount LEGO® components undergo rigorous testing, including dropping, heating, crushing, twisting, and analysis, to guarantee adherence to stringent global safety standards.

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      FOR AGE 6+