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    Venom Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

    Delivery date: 8 Weeks from date of order

    Sideshow is proud to present the Venom Premium Format Figure, which is ready to bond with your Marvel collectibles.

    The monstrous symbiote stalks his prey in the sewers beneath Oscorp Labs in the Venom Premium Format Figure, which stands 23.12" tall and 18.56" wide. Green chemicals consume the remnants of the Goblin Glider under his feet, and he holds Peter Parker's signature Spider-Man mask, torn to shreds, in his powerful claws. Beware, Venom's lashing tongue and gnashing teeth are exposed in a wicked grin, and you could be his next meal! 

    The polystone Venom Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted to depict Eddie Brock's hulking might while bonded to the Klyntar symbiote. Venom's muscled body has a depth of texture and colour, giving the impression of a living, breathing alien substance moving as tendrils snake off his arms and legs. His signature spider symbol is embedded in his chest and back, harkening back to the symbiote's early days when it was bonded to another host. Venom is a must-have addition to any Spider-Man collection, whether he's an antihero or a villain.

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