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    Venom Designer Collectible Statue by Unruly Industries

    Release Date: June 2024

    Introducing the Venom Designer Collectible Statue by artist Tracy Tubera, a stunning fusion of symbiotes and amazing sneakers. This officially licensed Marvel collectible, manufactured by Unruly Industries™, showcases the fierce presence of Venom in a unique and captivating design.

    Product Details:

    License Marvel
    Product Type Designer Collectible Statue
    Manufacturer Unruly Industries(TM)
    Character Venom
    Design Depicts Venom with a bold and overpowering presence, showcasing his iconic tongue
    Colors Striking symbiote design with vibrant pop colors
    Height 9" H (228.6mm)
    Width 10.5" W (266.7mm)
    Length 6.5" L (165.1mm)

    About the Artist: Tracy Tubera, also known as the ÜBER ILLUSTRATOR SUPREME, brings a unique mix of graffiti, anime, and comic book art to his creations. His artwork is characterized by sharp, crisp line work and vibrant pop colors. Tracy combines pop culture imagery, his love for sneakers, Super Heroes, and humor to create captivating visuals that are truly his own.

    Artist Statement: Eddie, aka Venom, is a character that embodies the fusion of design and colors found in both sneakers and comic books. Just like Super Heroes have their secret origins, sneakers have their own stories behind their unique designs. These vinyl figures, known as S.H.S. (Super Heroes in Sneakers), bring together two distinct cultures to create a visually stunning fusion that challenges expectations.

    Born out of hatred and revenge, the alien symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock, creating the new villain, Venom. Venom is big, violent, and scary—a stark contrast to Spider-Man. Designing Eddie AKA Venom allowed me to create the biggest figure I've designed to date, with an overpowering presence. He stands out among my other figures, towering over them with a sinister look and his classic long alien tongue. Eddie needed sneakers that matched his boldness and made a supreme statement, reflecting his alien appearance and his dominance over all.

    Embrace the fierce and iconic presence of Venom with the Venom Designer Collectible Statue by Tracy Tubera. This visually stunning piece combines the allure of sneakers with the power of a symbiote, resulting in a unique and captivating representation of the notorious anti-hero. Pre-order now to add this extraordinary collectible to your Marvel collection.

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    For Ages 18+

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