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    Vampirella Statue by PCS Collectibles

    Release Date: April 2025



    Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio sink their teeth into your collection with the all-new Vampirella Quarter Scale Statue! Forget your average figurine, this is a hauntingly beautiful diorama that brings the iconic comic book character to life in all her blood-thirsty glory.

    Standing at a commanding 19.5 inches, Vampirella reigns supreme. This immortal creature isn't just tolerating her dinner guests, she's downright inviting them! The blood trickling down her form paints her iconic red costume in a way that's both terrifying and strangely alluring.

    A feast for the eyes (and fangs)! This isn't just Vampirella, it's a complete gothic tableau. Two lesser vampires kneel before her, their expressions a mix of reverence and hunger. The base itself is a masterpiece, adorned with broken stone pillars entwined with deep red roses – a chilling reminder of the beauty and danger these creatures embody.

    Skulls for the skull throne! A scattering of skeletal remains completes the scene, a silent testament to the deadly dance between predator and prey. This statue isn't just a collectible, it's a conversation starter. It's a glimpse into a world of darkness and desire.

    Unleash the darkness! Add the Vampirella 1:4 Scale Premier Series Statue to your collection today and let the macabre take center stage. Just remember, this might not be the safest place for that necktie collection...

    For Ages 18+

    Limited Edition

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    Made in China