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    Tyrannosaurus Rex Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: March 2024


    The Damtoys artist team officially released the Museum Paleontology Series - Tyrannosaurus Rex to the world after conducting extensive research on Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils with an objective and rigorous attitude. Tyrannosaurus Rex is the largest carnivorous dinosaur, measuring 11-13m in length. Based on this, we present Tyrannosaurus Rex's size in perfect proportion.

    This is the world's first super-real T-Rex full-body silicone statue. The artist team confirmed that the Tyrannosaurus Rex's skin will be covered with a small amount of hair via a public document published by the scientific journal "Nature."

    In order to better restore the original texture of Tyrannosaurus Rex, they used platinum silicone material for the first time and adopted high-temperature resistance hair fibre transplantation technology to show the fierce vitality of Tyrannosaurus Rex from bone to muscle structure.

    For the platform design, we used the muddy scene after the first snow, withered vegetation, huge footprints, and the skull of a Triceratops to create an extreme environment where food is scarce. Tyrannosaurus Rex is about to start a new round of slaughtering in order to survive.

    This 1:15 scale statue is the world's first limited-edition high-end dinosaur statue made of silicone material, with its subtle and meticulous details, ultra-real texture, and vivid and ferocious vitality, bringing the most real slaughter king to life. Don't miss your chance to add the king of dinosaurs to your collection today!

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