Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake by LEGO

Get ready for a splashing good time with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Triwizard Tournament™: The Black Lake playset! This underwater adventure is the perfect gift for fans who love to build and play with magical LEGO sets.

Dive into the action with a buildable underwater scene featuring an arch ruin and two caves, and flexible LEGO elements that make it look like your minifigures are floating. And don't forget the pier model, complete with a minifigure-diving function that can be placed on top of the underwater scene.

Recreate a classic scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ with five LEGO minifigures, including Harry Potter with flipper elements and Viktor Krum with a shark head element to help rescue Hermione Granger™ and Ron Weasley™. And keep your eyes peeled for the Merperson minifigure, a new-for-March-2023 Grindylow figure, and cool accessory elements like the Gillyweed potion.

So get ready to make a splash with this awesome LEGO Harry Potter playset and bring the magic of the Triwizard Tournament to life!

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MADE IN Czech Republic