Transformers Studio Series No 51 Soundwave Figure by Hasbro

The Decepticon Lieutenant of Megatron is the eyes and ears of the evil forces and one of the most hated Transformers ever who just speaks to mock Autobots. 

This 4.5-inch Deluxe Soundwave collectible action figures inspired by iconic movie scenes from Transformers designed with specs and details from the movie. It also features classic conversion between a robot and vehicle modes in 19 easy steps. The Soundwave figure comes with a removable backdrop portraying the Serengeti Hideout scene to recreate the magic from the big screen., The movie-inspired deco and includes a blaster accessory modelled after the weapon Soundwave uses in the film. The figure is highly articulated for possibility

The level of detailing in the new Transformers Studio Series makes them a must-have figure for every Transformers enthusiast. 

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