Transformer Megatron 1/4th Scale Statue by Kami-Arts

Release Date: October 2022

Superhero Toystore brings you official Kami-Arts products, a French brand known worldwide for its handcrafted fine detailing.

Kami Arts and Superhero Toystore are proud to present this spectacular Megatron. Taken from the desert scene from the film Transformers 3: The Dark Face of the Moon.

The leader of the Decepticons and the sworn enemy of Optimus Prime.
Megatron is the first “Emperor of Destruction” of the Decepticons, warriors of the planet Cybertron, of which he is the founder and first leader. He went from miner to gladiator, from militant to warlord, and finally tyrant.

The 32 Inch Megatron is shown here in a museum pose and on a scale of 1/4 size. For more realism and personalization, the statue includes an alternative arm and a fabric cape. The statue is handcrafted in resin and features a detailed paint application.

True Transformers fans can't miss out on this!

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