Tom & Jerry 1/3rd Prime Scale Statue by Iron Studios

What would be your childhood if Tom and Jerry weren't in it?

Together they are Televisions' most iconic rivals and occasional friends of all time, causing their characteristic mess and chaos wherever they go, chasing each other, amid explosions, mousetrap, cheeses, and traps making generations of kids and adults laugh and roll on the floor.

Iron Studios & Superhero Toystore proudly presents “Tom & Jerry Prime Scale 1/3” with the beloved cat and mouse in yet another iconic work, where Tom with a big wooden hammer tries to catch Jerry who is flying by jet in a rocket! This limited edition figure stands at 7.8 inches tall and is made of pure cast polystone with hand-painted applications bringing them to life. 

Created by the legendary duo William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, they amuse us from 1940 until today, with their eternal rivalry has transcended from TV to numerous films, spinoffs and has cemented them as one of the cornerstones of pop culture. For all the Tom and Jerry fans out there this Iron Studios statue is something that can't be missed.

Limited Edition

Cash on Delivery Available

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