ThunderCats Ultimates Reptillian Brute 7-Inch Action Figure by Super7

Release Date: March 2024

Sorry for the unannounced attack of nostalgia because Thundercats have arrived at Superhero Toystore!

Experience the thrill of battle as you gather your forces to take on the fearsome Reptilian Brutes from the distant planet Plun-Darr! Led by the mutant mastermind, Slithe, these scaly beasts are known for their savage cruelty and overwhelming numbers. But fear not, for you have the legendary ThunderCats on your side! With their unyielding bravery and unparalleled strength, they stand ready to defend Third Earth from these malevolent invaders.

This 7-inch scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Reptilian Brute figure is highly articulated and comes with interchangeable heads and hands, as well as a spiked bat accessory. You can even build your own army of ULTIMATES! Reptilian Guards, Warriors, and Brutes to face off against the rest of your ThunderCats collection. So gather your courage and prepare for the ultimate showdown between good and evil!

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Ages 14 and up

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Made in China