Thor: The Dark World 1:6 Scale Mini-Bust by Diamond Select Toys

Expected Delivery: January 2024

Prepare to journey back to the Dark World with the Thor: The Dark World 1:6 Scale Mini-Bust! This meticulously crafted mini-bust captures the mighty Thor in his traditional attire, wielding his iconic hammer Mjolnir.

Inspired by Thor's appearance in the second Thor movie, this 1:6 scale mini-bust stands approximately 6 inches tall atop a sturdy pedestal base. Every detail, from Thor's regal garb to the intricate design of Mjolnir, has been faithfully reproduced to capture the essence of the character.

Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this mini-bust is a true collector's item for fans of Thor and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It comes packaged in a full-color box and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity, adding to its collectible value.

Features Specifications
Character Thor
Movie Inspiration Thor: The Dark World
Scale 1:6
Height Approximately 6 inches
Design Traditional Thor attire with Mjolnir
Limited Edition Limited to 3,000 pieces
Packaging Full-color box with numbered certificate of authenticity


Revisit the Dark World and bring the power of the God of Thunder into your collection with the Thor: The Dark World 1:6 Scale Mini-Bust. Its exquisite craftsmanship and limited availability make it a coveted piece for Marvel enthusiasts.


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