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    Thor Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

    Delivery date: 8 weeks from date of order

    We are proud to present the Thor Premium Format Figure, a magnificent Marvel collectible honouring the Norse God of Thunder.

    Thor Premium Format Figure stands 22" tall and 19" wide as the son of Odin triumphs atop a felled Frost Giant foe. Jotunheim's icy expanse is no match for an Asgardian, and Thor swings his mystical hammer Mjolnir in preparation for yet another glorious battle. The hammer bears its iconic enchantment, proving the prince worthy of its incredible power.

    The Thor Premium Format Figure is made of polyresin and has PVC elements as well as a frost-touched red fabric cape with wire in the hem for dramatic posing options. The Mighty Thor Odinson's costume is inspired by his early appearances in Marvel Comics, and it includes a black studded bodysuit, blue leggings, flared boots, and a winged silver helmet. His lustrous golden locks cascade over his caped shoulders, a rage-filled expression on his face. This Thor statue, with a godly physique and a hint of youthful arrogance, brings the thunder, like no other.

    You don't need a Bifrost to bring this Asgardian warrior home — add the Thor Premium Format Figure to your Marvel collection today!

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