The Joker (Concept Design by Jorge Jimenez) DC Comics Deluxe Statue by Prime 1 Studios

Release Date: December 2023

Prime 1 Studio is pleased to announce that more Velociraptors have been added to their Prime Collectible Figure Series!

The 1:3 Scale: DC Comics The Joker Concept Design by Jorge Jimenez, is the latest addition to Prime 1 Studio's Museum Masterline Punchline Series.

The Clown Prince of Crime has arrived! Jorge Jimenez has created a Joker worthy of Punchline's (previously released) adoration as well as the reason for her murderous turn as his sidekick. The incredible artists at Prime 1 Studio studied Jorge Jimenez's concept of The Joker meticulously in order to recreate his art style in statue form. You'll agree after one look at this picture-perfect statue!

The Joker has a sly demeanour that makes you wonder what he has planned for his arch-enemy. Up to his well-tailored sleeves, the Batman. This 21-inch-tall statue of The Joker, reclining on his theatre-themed throne, is arguably the master of his insane domain.

Because of Jorge Jimenez's brilliant design, Prime 1 Studio artists have created a version of The Joker that is both classic and contemporary. His signature purple and green ensemble is instantly recognisable while still looking fresh. His hair is styled in green, wavy curls that are oh-so-perfect. And he has a sinister smile on his face that is ripe for disaster.

The Joker's left hand remains poised over his grin in this Deluxe Bonus Version, as if to let us in on a dark and evil secret yet to be revealed, while his right hand holds two "jokerangs." His right hand can also be swapped out to hold a Clown Mask or his signature Joker Cane. As his hideout suggests, his throne is quaintly theatre-themed, with a seat rendered in old, scarlet leather, reels of film still in their canisters, and even a Cutie1 Batman plushie...perhaps for The Joker to kick around? If you want to change up his pose, his legs can be swapped out for a cross-legged version of the Joker.

Fans This malevolent mastermind will no doubt want to order him, especially now that you can pair him with Prime 1's already released Punchline statue! So Punchline can have her Joker, get this as soon as it's available.

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