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The Dark Knight Batman Figure by Beast Kingdom

For the longtime Batman fans, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy was the perfect storytelling of the Caped Crusader and for others, the movie was the way for joining the Bat Fandom. The Dark Knight Trilogy is a modern masterpiece that would be talked about decades from now and this Dark Knight DAH Action Figure by the Beast Kingdom is a perfect reminder of its legacy.

Based on the Christian Bales' portrayal of Bruce Wayne in the DC Comics film The Dark Knight. This Beast Kingdom Action Figure gets it all right, from every fine detail down to the texture on the suit and weaponry.

With 26 points of articulation, the Dark Knight DAH is one of the most posable figures yet, and includes three replacement mouths, a branded stand with a bracket, as well as five pairs of replacement hands for fans to recreate the most exciting scenes from the films!

How can your Batman leave his bat-cave without his set of high-tech weaponry, and this set doesn't disappoint. Included are: One sticky bomb launcher, a grappling gun, bat darts, and a mini smoke bomb, plus Batman's glider backpack attachment!

This item is not to be missed by true collectors and fans of Batman and the Dark Knight trilogy. Add it to your collection today!

Release Date: December 2021

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