The Axolotl House by LEGO

Release Date: November 2023

Immerse young Minecraft enthusiasts in exciting underwater escapades with the charming axolotl creatures using LEGO® Minecraft The Axolotl House (21247). This captivating set allows players aged 7 and above to merge the creativity and action of Minecraft with tangible construction in the real world.

In this thrilling experience, children employ their Minecraft proficiency to construct a vibrant and spacious house inspired by the beloved axolotl character from the game. Once built, they embark on endless underwater journeys alongside a treasure-hunting dolphin, a puffer fish, two fully grown axolotls, a bucket-contained axolotl, and a concealed treasure chest. The removable roof of the structure facilitates easy access to a furnished interior, complete with a smelting furnace and a sponge to address any water leaks. However, when an underwater zombie threat emerges, players must swiftly grab a sword and team up with the axolotls to safeguard their deep-sea hideout.

For added digital amusement, builders can utilize the engaging and intuitive LEGO Builder app to zoom in, rotate sets in 3D, and monitor their progress throughout the construction process.


Feature Description
Set Name LEGO® Minecraft The Axolotl House (21247)
Set Type Buildable underwater base
Included Characters - Underwater explorer- Drowned zombie- Dolphin- Puffer fish - 2 adult axolotls - Axolotl in a bucket
Gameplay Focus - Build an axolotl-shaped house - Search for treasure- Battle a hostile attacker - Care for Minecraft's cute animals
Recommended Age 7 years and up
Versatile Gift Suitable for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion
Playset Dimensions - Height: 4 inches (10 cm)- Width: 6.5 inches (17 cm) - Depth: 5.5 inches (14 cm)
Compatibility with Other Sets Combines with other sets in the LEGO® Minecraft® range (sold separately)
Number of Pieces 242 pieces
Building Instructions Available through the LEGO® Builder app, providing an immersive 3D building experience
Realization of Minecraft in LEGO Form LEGO® Minecraft sets bring the game to life with mobs, scenes, and features using LEGO creativity
Quality Assurance LEGO components meet rigorous industry quality standards, ensuring consistency, compatibility, and ease of assembly
Safety Standards Compliance LEGO bricks and pieces undergo extensive testing to meet global safety standards
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