Teela & Orko Masters of the Universe Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 by Iron Studios

Release Date: December 2023


Masters of the Universe was a successful line of action figures, released in the 80s which turned into a universe of television series, films, and more becoming a staple in the life of every 80s and 90s kid and achieving an immortal place in Pop-culture history.

The official Eternian leader grips her longsword tightly, her opposite side protected by a small but effective shield, keeping a close eye on any potential threats to her right flank. Her father, one of the world's greatest warriors, raised her in the Royal Palace and trained her since childhood, improving her combat skills from an early age. A small humanoid with the features of a blue elf floats by her side, his body and face almost completely hidden under a crimson cloak and hat and a purple scarf, casting a protective spell for them both that manifests in the shape of blue energy tentacles with the texture of crystals.

Iron Studios presents the "Teela and Orko - Masters of the Universe -Art Scale 1/10" statue, which features Eternia’s greatest warrior and the small and brave but sometimes clumsy Trollan sorcerer, together over a pedestal of spiky rocks from a battlefield. Presented as this 10" hand-crafted and hand-painted statue. 

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For Ages 15+

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