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  • Tales of the Space Age by LEGO

    Release Date: November 2023

    Disengage your thrusters and embark on a celestial journey through space with the LEGO® Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) building set. Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of 4 interconnecting brick-built 3D postcards, each capturing scenes inspired by the sci-fi myths, cinematic masterpieces, literary treasures, and iconic posters of the 1980s. Evoke the essence of the era with stylish and minimalistic LEGO brick renditions showcasing an observatory for comet and shooting star gazing, a lunar base amid a lunar eclipse, a space shuttle propelling through the cosmos, and an enigmatic black hole.

    Build collectively, present harmoniously

    Ideal for space aficionados, astronomy enthusiasts, and art admirers, these constructible postcards serve as remarkable freestanding accents for tables, shelves, or wall displays. Seamlessly interconnect the models to exhibit them together in a harmonious arrangement. The set is thoughtfully equipped with separate building instructions for each postcard, rendering it an excellent group endeavour that you can relish alongside family or friends.

    Discover Your Personal Haven

    Delve into the captivating realm of LEGO Sets for Adults, an artfully curated assemblage of engaging models. Regardless of your inclinations, there's an enthralling building journey awaiting your exploration.

    Specification Description
    Product Name 4 connectible, space-themed 3D postcards (21340)
    Set Number 21340
    Theme LEGO Ideas
    Postcards 4 interconnecting 3D postcards
    Inspiration Inspired by 1980s sci-fi myths, movies, books, and posters
    Designs Observatory, moon base and lunar eclipse, space shuttle, black hole
    Constellation Recreation Pink/purple postcard features star elements that mimic Ursa Major, Cepheus, Ursa Minor, or Cassiopeia constellations
    Display Options Connect in any order, freestanding or wall-mounted with hangers
    Gift Idea Ideal as a birthday, holiday, or surprise gift for space, astronomy, and art enthusiasts
    Pieces 688 pieces
    Age Recommendation 18+
    Dimensions Each postcard measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 3.5 in. (9 cm) wide, 1 in. (3 cm) deep
    Building Instructions Separate booklets for each postcard include designer features
    LEGO Fans' Choice Part of LEGO Ideas sets created by fan designers, chosen by LEGO fans, and produced by the LEGO Group
    Premium Quality LEGO bricks adhere to stringent industry quality standards
    Safety Assurance LEGO components undergo extensive testing to meet strict global safety standards


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