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  • Taboo Board Game by Hasbro

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    The Taboo game is an unbelievable amount of fun! Who among their teammates can say Pinball without also saying Arcade, Game, Flippers, Tilt, or Roll? Isn't it difficult now?

    The use of obvious clues is strictly prohibited when playing the Taboo game. Players race against the clock, giving creative and carefully-worded clues to get team members to guess words quickly. But don't bring up unmentionables, or it'll be time for the squeaker, which means you'll lose the point.

    To spice things up, players can use the Game-changer die. If it lands on One Guesser, only one teammate will be able to guess on their turn. With four additional possibilities on the die, players must be astute, quick-thinking, and willing to take some risks.

    For Ages 13+

    Made in China

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