Super Powers Collection : Batman Maquette Black & Grey 1/5th Scale Statue by Tweeterhead

Superhero Toy Store brings you the Cape Crusader in action, ready to protect his city from the bad guys bringing his own brand of vigilante Justice as this 1/5 inch scale maquette statue by Tweeterhead.

As the newest addition to the DC Comics Super Powers Collection, Tweeterhead has created this impressive representation of Batman in his iconic black and grey costume with his trademark yellow utility belt and scowling expression, standing approximately 18 Inches” tall on top gargoyle-themed base. This figure is highly detailed and finished with hand painting especially for premium collectors.

Designed by Zack Roane this figure by Tweeterhead embodies the dark charm of the dark knight and is the aesthetic of the figure satisfies your bat fandom like no other.

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Release Date: November 2019

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