Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Life Size Bust by Infinity Studio

Release Date: October 2022

Superhero Toystore is proud to introduce another addition to our growing roster of collectibles, Infinity Studios. A brand determined to give you true to life collectibles at a life-size scale. Their statues and busts are hot commodities amongst collectors worldwide and are absolute limited editions, blink and you might miss one.

Harley Quinn is truly a unique character, she maybe is the clown princess of crime but deep inside, there’s still some good in her. She became a member of Suicide Squad, a team made up of a group of supervillains put together by Amanda Waller for suicidal missions.

In this 30 inches tall Life-Size Bust, Infinity Studios has adopted their signature platinum silicone to make her skin and customized ocular prosthesis to recreate her eyes, on the skin, we never forget her tattoo and makeup. Her expression looks confident and fearless, holding her iconic baseball bat and a revolver in her hand, getting ready for battle.

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