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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Darth Maul Statue by Kotobukiya

    Release Date: January 2024

    After surviving his defeat on Naboo™, Maul rose to power in the underworld by forming the Shadow Collective™ and even took control of Mandalore™ from Pre Vizsla™ himself! This Sith Lord was fueled by his desire for revenge against Obi-Wan Kenobi™ and his rage ultimately led him to face off with his former master Darth Sidious™.

    And now, you can own a piece of Star Wars history with the expertly sculpted ARTFX Darth Maul figurine. At an impressive 1/7 scale, this 10.8" figure captures the menacing presence of Darth Maul, with his double lightsaber drawn and ready for combat.

    With actual reference materials from the Lucasfilm archives used in the sculpting process, you'll appreciate the incredible attention to detail. And, with twin removable energy blades, you can display Maul right before he ignites his hilt, just like in the show!

    One of the most distinctive features of Darth Maul is his Zabrak™ heritage, which is beautifully captured in this figurine with the crown of horns atop his head and the red tattoo markings on his face and chest.

    Whether you're a collector or just a die-hard fan, the ARTFX Darth Maul figurine is a must-have. Add him to your collection and relive the excitement of the Star Wars universe every time you look at him. Don't miss out on this chance to own a piece of history!

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