Spiderman Homecoming Spiderman ArtFx Statue by Kotobukiya

When the duty calls he's there, get your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man based on the first MCU movie Spiderman Homecoming.

This Kotobukiya statue is modeled on the new portrayal of Peter Parker played by Tom Holland who is perched on a base of metal debris that evokes the scene from the trailer when a passenger ferry is torn completely in half, posing heroically with his web-shooter at the ready.

The future Avenger is wearing the high-tech Spider-Man suit created by Tony Stark (Iron Man), and it is fantastically detailed with all of the design elements from the film including the textured webbing, circuitry-like paneling, and of course the bold red, blue, and black color scheme with bright white eyes. The pose gives the statue a breathtaking sense of dynamic movement!

This Spiderman Homecoming Spiderman ArtFx Statue by Kotobukiya measures approximately 12.5 Inches and is sculpted with amazing precision by Dave Cortez (Man behind many great previous Koto ArtFx's) and is a great addition to any Marvel collection.

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