Spiderman Far From Home Nerf Web Shot Blaster by Hasbro

Spider-man-inspired blaster based on Spiderman Far From Home by Hasbro.

Peter Parker is a tech crazy teen whose tech skills help him develop gear like his iconic web-shooters. Inspired by Spider-Man inventiveness, web shots gear lets kids imagine blasting enemies with a web-powered blaster.

Powered by Nerf the Spider-Man web shots spiderbolt blaster comes with 3 nerf darts so when kids pull back the handle and push the button they can launch darts and imagine using a web-powered blast to take on the villains of the Marvel universe.

Sling webs in style, the web shots spiderbolt blaster has web-detailing and spider-inspired design so kids can imagine gearing up with web-powered equipment.

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Release Date: December 2019

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