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    Spiderman Designer Collectible Statue by Unruly Industries

    Release Date: June 2024

    Introducing the Spider-Man Designer Collectible Statue by artist Tracy Tubera, a dynamic and stylish representation of the iconic web-slinger. This officially licensed Marvel collectible, manufactured by Unruly Industries™, captures the essence of Spider-Man's agility and vibrant personality.

    Product Details:

    License Marvel
    Product Type Designer Collectible Statue
    Manufacturer Unruly Industries(TM)
    Character Spider-Man
    Design Depicts Spider-Man in a classic pose, ready to swing through the city
    Colors Vibrant red, blue, and black color scheme
    Height 7.5" H (190.5mm)
    Width 6" W (152.4mm)
    Length 10" L (254mm)
    Weight 0.25 lbs (0.11 kg)*


    About the Artist: Tracy Tubera, also known as the ÜBER ILLUSTRATOR SUPREME, combines elements of graffiti, anime, and comic book art in his distinctive style. His artwork is characterized by sharp, crisp line work and vibrant pop colors. Tracy's fusion of pop culture imagery, his love for sneakers, Super Heroes, and humor results in unique and captivating visuals.

    Artist Statement: Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, is a character that embodies the intersection of sneaker design and comic book art. Like Super Heroes, sneakers have their own secret origins and stories behind their unique designs. Inspired by these shared elements, I created the S.H.S. (Super Heroes in Sneakers) series, which merges two distinct cultures to create visually captivating representations that challenge expectations.

    When a quiet, science student from Queens got bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker's life transformed, turning him into the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spider-Man resonated with me at a young age, whether it was his amazing powers, quick wit, or eye-popping design with his iconic red, blue, and black color scheme. After designing Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, it was only natural to create a Peter Parker art figure, the Spider who inspired the entire Spider-Verse.

    For this design, I wanted Peter to be in a classic Spidey pose, showcasing his agility and readiness for action with his hands in the iconic "Ready to THWIP" position. Peter's individualistic style is represented by a pair of sneakers that stand out and are perfectly suited for his swinging through the city. These kicks are foam-cushioned and form-fitting, providing the comfort and flexibility needed for his acrobatic moves. The sneakers match his suit and are complemented by his fresh web-wings.

    Embrace the essence of Spider-Man with the Spider-Man Designer Collectible Statue by Tracy Tubera. This visually striking piece combines the iconic imagery of Spider-Man with the vibrant and dynamic style of sneakers, resulting in a must-have collectible for any Marvel fan. Pre-order now to add this extraordinary statue to your collection and showcase the spirit of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

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