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Spider-Man Spider Cam Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix (Damaged Box)

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Please Note: The original box of the product is damaged but the actual product itself is in supremely new condition and we will deliver the product in a good packaging to ensure no damages during shipping!

Have no fear, Spidey’s here! Taking responsibility for his actions is your good samaritan of Neighbourhood Spiderman, arguably one of the most recognized Superheroes of the modern-day pop culture. He is covering his Peter Parker Journalistic duties and spying in his spidey suit in this Spider-Man Spider Cam Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix.

This QMX figure shows Spider-Man hanging upside down from a rope of web, waiting to snap the perfect shot. This playful diorama shows both the impishness and compact power of our teen superhero, all with awesome Quantum Mechanix magic.

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