Spider-Gwen ArtFx+ Statue by Kotobukiya


Gwen Stacy from a parallel Earth was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, following which she became the heroine known as Spider-Woman (popularly called “Spider-Gwen”). Kotobukiya and Superhero Toy Store are proud to present to you this amazing Spider-Gwen ArtFx+ Statue

Defending our world and her own, Spider-Gwen drops into a deep crouch to confront her enemies. Gwen is posed in an athletic stance, balancing on the toes of both feet with her left foot tucked under her and her right leg extended. Her right arm provides additional support with her outstretched fingers on the ground behind her as she reaches forward in a web-shooting pose with her left hand.

Spider-Gwen is featured wearing her world-famous black bodysuit from the torso down with white on the chest, mask, hood, and hands plus cool purple accents on her eyes and the web patterns on her torso.

The Spider-Gwen ArtFx+ Statues is 3 ½ inches tall, and she comes with magnets in her feet provide perfect stability on the included display base.

Spider-Gwen make’s a fantastic centrepiece to your Marvel collection and will be the highlight in your Spider-Man Family series!

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