Snow White Evil Queen Disney Villain Series 018 6-Inch Bust by Beast Kingdom

Release Date: June 2024


Beast Kingdom has proudly launched a line of imposing Disney Villains busts that were inspired by Roman sculptures! The Snow White Evil Queen Disney Villain Series 018 6-Inch Bust is designed with an antique bronze color scheme, and its unique glossy texture effectively brings out the villain's malevolent personality and overbearing demeanor. The bust comes with a distinctive pattern on the base, which reflects the darkest skills and thoughts of the evil queen as portrayed in the animation. Get your hands on this diabolical depiction of your favorite villain to add a touch of wickedness to your Disney collection!

This captivating bust of the Snow White Evil Queen from the Disney Villain Series is a unique and rare find for avid collectors of all things Disney. The 6-inch bust is masterfully crafted to capture the villain's iconic image, from her headdress to her twisted facial expression. Its antique bronze color and unique glossy texture will surely make a statement in any room or display case. And with the distinctive pattern on the base representing the Queen's darkest thoughts, this bust is truly one of a kind.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Disney display with the Snow White Evil Queen Disney Villain Series 018 6-Inch Bust. The intricately designed piece will add an air of mystery and intrigue to your collection. And with its expertly crafted design and attention to detail, this bust will stand out as one of the most impressive pieces in your Disney memorabilia. Order now and experience the darker side of Disney!

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