Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Master Craft Queen Grimhilde Statue By Beast Kingdom

Release Date: May 2024

Magic mirror on the wall, pray tell me, who is the fairest of them all?

Prepare yourself for an epic journey into the timeless world of Disney's animated masterpiece, 'Snow White.' Behold the malevolent 'Evil Queen' as she wields her wicked sorcery to become the most ravishing maiden in the land. But when her envious heart learns of Snow White's surpassing beauty, her wrath knows no bounds, and she conjures a sinister scheme - to poison the princess with a cursed apple! This harrowing twist sets in motion a breathtaking adventure, fraught with peril and intrigue, that has captured the imagination of generations.

Enter the "Master Craft" collection by the illustrious Beast Kingdom, under the esteemed banner of the 'Entertainment Experience Brand,' and behold the latest addition to the Snow White series - the "Evil Queen" statue. She stands adorned in her regal purple gown, draped with a resplendent black and red cloak of genuine fabric, and clutches the fateful apple of doom that seals Snow White's fate.

The intricate 16.2" sculpture conveys the nefarious spirit of the queen, her vile aura palpable, while the base bears the symbols of her deceit - the poisoned fruit, the magic mirror, and a serpent, evoking her treachery. Limited to a mere 3000 pieces worldwide, the Snow White and Evil Queen statues are coveted treasures for enthusiasts of the Disney Princess saga. Do not miss the chance to add these timeless and cherished collectibles to your collection!

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