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    Ryu & Dan Collectible Set of Statues by PCS

    Release Date: June 2024

    Premium Collectibles Studio presents the Street Fighter: Ryu & Dan 1:10 Scale Collectible Set.

    This set of two 1:10 scale collectible statues kicks off the PCS Street Jam line based on the iconic Udon poster showcasing a selection of fan-favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

    The first pair of Ryu and Dan represents the two sides of the shotokan coin. Ryu, the stoic disciplinarian, is always searching for a greater challenge to further develop his already impressive skill set. While Dan makes up for his shortcomings with an unyielding confidence and a braggadocious nature that can catch any challenger off guard.

    Both figures in this set are fully sculpted - Ryu stands defiantly with his arms crossed, glowering at his next opponent. His earnest expression is carved into his face with a stylized look that mirrors the Street Jam artwork. His classic white gi is sculpted in lifelike detail and complemented by his bright red gloves and headband, with a black belt tied neatly around his waist.

    Dan, on the other hand, is seated casually, legs crossed, slumped over a steaming bowl of noodles. He peers over his shoulder, as if irritated by the interruption of his meal, but not enough to slow down. His portrait is expertly sculpted to depict not only his annoyance but also his clear mouthful of food. His pink gi is sculpted in great detail and is contrasted with his dark brown gloves and rash guard. A pink hair tie matching his gi holds his tight ponytail in place, save for a single strand of hair arcing out from his forehead.

    These two martial artists may wear similar uniforms, but their approaches to fighting could not be more different. Kick out the jams and add these two arcade legends to your Street Fighter collection today!

    License Product Type Manufacturer Product Size
    Street Fighter Collectible Set Premium Collectibles Studio 3.5" H


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