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    Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: May 2024

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    Embrace the Beauty of Destruction: Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure

    Sideshow presents a mesmerizing tribute to the darker side of nature with the Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure, a bewitching DC Comics collectible that explores the allure and danger of Mother Nature's most tantalizing creations.


    Feature Description
    Height Measures 23.25 inches tall
    Depth Extends 14.75 inches deep
    Transformation Unleashed Captures Poison Ivy's transition from botanist to villainess
    Monstrous Display Ivy rises above the ground amidst a tangle of plants and teeth
    Clawed Fingertips Ivy's fingertips are tinged with a poisonous red
    Earthly Embrace Churning earth engulfs the remains of her victims
    Intricate Sculpting Fully sculpted in polystone to capture every leaf and detail
    Color Palette Dark greens, reds, and muddy browns contrast with her pale complexion
    Feral Elegance Incorporates earth tones into her makeup, vibrant red hair, and maroon lips

    The Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure delves into the complex allure of Dr. Pamela Isley's transformation into the fearsome Poison Ivy. As the embodiment of nature's darker aspects, she stands 23.25 inches tall, an imposing figure that commands attention. Poison Ivy's botanical powers have given birth to a monstrous display of intertwined branches, teeth, and foliage that lifts her above the ground in a captivatingly eerie fashion.

    The figure's attention to detail is impeccable, from Ivy's clawed fingertips tinged with poison to the churning earth that reclaims her victims. Sculpted in polystone, every leaf and texture is meticulously captured, while her color palette of dark greens, reds, and muddy browns contrasts starkly with her pale, ethereal complexion.

    Poison Ivy's portrait is an exploration of feral elegance, with earth-toned makeup, fiery red hair, and maroon lips that epitomize her dangerous beauty. This figure doesn't just stand as a collectible; it encapsulates the allure and menace of Poison Ivy's character.

    Pair her with other iconic Rogues Gallery figures such as The Joker Premium Format™ Figure and The Penguin Premium Format™ Figure to create the ultimate Gotham City showdown on your shelf.

    Seize the power of Poison Ivy and let her bewitching presence take root in your collection. The Poison Ivy: Deadly Nature Premium Format™ Figure beckons you to embrace the harmony of beauty and destruction.

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