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    One PIece Nami and Bellemere Emotional Stories 2 Ichiban Statue by Bandai

    Release Date: May 2024

    Get ready to immerse yourself in the emotional world of One Piece with the Emotional Stories 2 series of detailed statues. This collection brings to life some of your favorite moments from the beloved anime series, allowing you to relive the heartfelt connections between the characters.

    In this particular statue, we have Nami and Bellemere, captured in a heartwarming scene that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Both characters are depicted with joyful smiles, radiating their bond and love for each other. The statue showcases intricate detailing, ensuring that every aspect of their appearance is faithfully represented.

    Standing at approximately 2.3-inches tall, this statue is compact yet impactful. It comes with a patchy grass display base, adding a touch of natural charm to the overall presentation. Whether you're a dedicated fan of Nami and Bellemere or simply appreciate beautifully crafted statues, this piece is sure to capture your attention.

    Let's summarize the features and specifications of the Emotional Stories 2 Nami and Bellemere statue in a tabular format:

    Features Specifications
    Characters Nami, Bellemere
    Series One Piece
    Height Approximately 2.3 inches
    Pose Nami and Bellemere smiling atop a patchy grass base
    Sculpting Detailed and faithful representation
    Emotion Heartwarming, capturing the bond between characters
    Manufacturer Bandai


    Relive the heartfelt moments of the One Piece series with this Emotional Stories 2 statue featuring Nami and Bellemere. The compact size and intricate detailing make it a delightful addition to any One Piece fan's collection.

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