One Piece Momonosuke Kouzuki Twin Dragons FiguartsZERO Statue by Bandai

Release Date: March 2023


Dive into the vibrant world of One Piece with the captivating FiguartsZERO Kouzuki Momonosuke Twin Dragons Mode Statue! This dynamic masterpiece brings to life the expressive and colorful Momonosuke as he rides a cloud in an action-packed scene that exudes immense physical presence. Standing at slightly under 11.2-inches tall, this mini-size Yamato figure captures the essence of the beloved character in a single mesmerizing moment.

Product Features:

Feature Description
FiguartsZERO Kouzuki Momonosuke Immerse yourself in the world of One Piece with this expressive and vibrant FiguartsZERO statue.
Twin Dragons Mode Scene Witness Momonosuke in an action-packed scene, riding a cloud with striking energy and movement.
Mini-Size Yamato Figure Capturing every intricate detail, this mini-size figure showcases the essence of Momonosuke's character.
Plastic Construction Made from high-quality plastic, the statue ensures durability while maintaining intricate detailing.
Expressive and Colorful Design Embrace the vividness of One Piece as the statue perfectly captures Momonosuke's unique charm.
Dynamic Physical Presence The statue's design exudes an aura of energy, making it a captivating addition to any One Piece collection.


Celebrate the captivating world of One Piece and add a touch of adventure to your collection with the FiguartsZERO Kouzuki Momonosuke Twin Dragons Mode Statue. Relive the magic of this iconic scene and bring the spirit of the series to life with this remarkable collectible.

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