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  • Minecraft The Swamp Adventure Set by LEGO

    LEGO® Minecraft The Swamp Adventure (21240) is a fun-filled playset that lets kids aged 7 and up recreate the perilous swamp biome from the Minecraft game. This versatile toy features familiar Minecraft favorite Alex as she journeys through mud and mangroves on a Minecraft adventure. There are opportunities for creative construction, and 2 hostile mobs to battle – a zombie and a slime – and a friendly frog who observes the action from a lily pad. Kids can help Alex use her axe and operate a lever to detonate a TNT explosion to fend off any attack.

    Measuring over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 3.5 in. (9 cm) wide and 3 in. (8 cm) deep, this compact playset is portable and packed with play potential. The LEGO Builder app features intuitive zoom and rotate tools that let kids visualize their model as they build, adding an interactive digital building experience to this hands-on Minecraft playset.

    LEGO® Minecraft sets give kids a different way to enjoy the popular game, with mobs, scenes and features brought to life with the hands-on creativity of LEGO bricks. LEGO components fulfill stringent industry quality standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect smoothly every time, while rigorous global safety standards are met to ensure safety for kids during play. LEGO® Minecraft The Swamp Adventure makes a great birthday, holiday, or any-day gift for Minecraft players aged 7 and up.

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    65 Pieces



    MADE IN Czech Republic