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  • Minecraft The End Arena Set by LEGO

    LEGO® Minecraft The End Arena (21242) is an exciting set that brings Minecraft gameplay to life in a hands-on, creative way. Players aged 8 and up can enjoy an action-packed player-vs-player battle as they battle it out in the iconic End Arena. The set features classic Minecraft characters, including an End warrior, dragon archer, enderman, and a shulker, as well as familiar accessories and hazards from the game. With a push of a launcher, players can send lava blocks shooting from the mouth of the Ender Dragon statue that towers over the arena, and a movable floor slides apart to reveal a pool of lava beneath the competitors’ feet.

    In addition to the physical building experience, the LEGO Builder app provides intuitive zoom and rotate tools that allow kids to visualize their model as they build. The set is also compatible with other LEGO Minecraft sets, so players can expand their gameplay and create their own Minecraft world. As with all LEGO sets, the components fulfill stringent industry quality standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible, and connect smoothly every time. LEGO components are also subjected to rigorous global safety standards to ensure their safety for use by children aged 8 and up.

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    252 Pieces



    MADE IN Czech Republic