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    Mechanical Lock - DIY Working Lock Model

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    Introducing the innovative DIY Rubber-band Powered Mechanical Working Lock - an interactive and educational utility toy designed to captivate kids with its ingenious functionality. Delight in the intrigue of this DIY Mechanical Lock, complete with a set of 1 working DIY lock and 2 DIY keys (1 operational, 1 for decoration).

    Funvention presents a truly unique 3D Puzzle Assembly Model featuring a functional lock mechanism cleverly integrated into a puzzle format. Watch as children immerse themselves in the assembly process, customizing their creations with vibrant colours for a personalized touch. Crafted from precision laser-cut pieces, this kit enables seamless, glueless assembly, though optional glue dots can be applied for a more permanent finish.

    Available in convenient packs of 6 or 12, perfect for birthday return gifting, this wooden marvel guarantees hours of engaging fun. Step-by-step instructions make assembly a breeze, guiding young minds through the basic principles behind the toy's operation while fostering STEM education.

    Comprising eco-friendly components and accompanied by a comprehensive instruction manual and learning materials, this DIY lock kit promises both entertainment and enlightenment. Ideal for gifting on birthdays or special occasions, it's a testament to Indian craftsmanship and creativity, lovingly brought to you by Superhero Toy Store.

    Not just a toy, but a collector's delight, this marvel doubles as a charming addition to home or office décor, making it the perfect gift for enthusiasts of all ages. Unlock the magic of learning and play with this extraordinary creation from Funvention.

    For Ages 5+

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