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    Masters of the Universe Beast Man Maquette Tweeterhead

    Release Date: January 2025

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    Introducing the ultimate addition to your Masters of the Universe collection: the Beast Man “Legends” Maquette! Crafted by Sideshow and Tweeterhead, this commanding sculpture stands between 19 to 22.2 inches tall, showcasing the dominant force of Eternia’s wild creatures and the unwavering allegiance to Skeletor.

    Immerse yourself in the intricate craftsmanship of this polyresin masterpiece, meticulously detailed to captivate with its ferocious allure. Beast Man wields a lethal whip and dons meticulously reimagined armor, adorned with trophy-like skulls, aged spikes, and a signature compass, each element intricately sculpted to awe-inspiring precision.

    The base, a testament to Snake Mountain's depth, intertwines seamlessly with other Evil Warriors in your collection, harmonizing flawlessly with Mer-Man, Trap Jaw, and the nefarious Skeletor. Delve into its design to discover hidden nods to the ancient Snake Men, adding layers of depth and narrative to your display.

    What sets this maquette apart is its versatility: two distinctive portraits, one modern and the other classic, grant you the freedom to curate your exhibit. Choose between displaying Beast Man in a contemporary or vintage aesthetic, harmonizing flawlessly with your Masters of the Universe ensemble.

    From the office to the living room or atop your prized collectable shelf, this maquette commands attention wherever it stands. Elevate your collection with the fierce presence of Beast Man, a testament to artistry and devotion to the Masters of the Universe legacy.


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