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Marvel Now Wolverine Artfx+ Statue by Kotobukiya

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Based on an illustration by Adi Granov drawn Superhero Toy Store brings to you the Kotobukiya Wolverine Artfx+ Statue.

The nearly immortal mutant, Wolverine in this new version is the ARTFX+ debut of his unique Marvel Now outfit consisting of a tough, combat-ready uniform. It’s a full bodysuit makes him look completely gritty, whilst revealing only the lower part of his face and of course his claws protrude through it as well.

Wolverine is captured in a ready to strike pose, mid-lunged and stepping forward with his right leg as he jabs his left hand for a classic wolverine lethal strike.

The stark black and yellow armor sections of his costume make a cool “X” out of negative space, and it includes his trademark pointed cowl.

Logan’s face is contorted into a fierce snarl as he attacks his enemies, and he looks super cool with his eyes covered by the pure white lenses of his costume.

If your a wolverine fan, do not miss out on this

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