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Marvel Future Fight Wolverine 1:10 Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles

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James Logan is a mutant called Wolverine who fights alongside his fellow X-Men against the forces of evil, using his adamantium claws, mutant healing factor, and extensive combat training. When Magneto attacks the X-Mansion, Wolverine and his friends are tasked with defending the school and bringing the villains to justice.

The Wolverine 1:10 PVC Diorama by PCS Collectibles is based on the popular mobile game Marvel Future Fight. This superbly detailed 8.5 inches tall Wolverine diorama is sure to level up your collection as he charges into battle with his adamantium claws in his popular yellow and blue X-Men suit!

PCS Studios a super popular name in making ultra-detailed collectibles, with this brand-new line of 1/10 diorama statues aims to capture the intense battle from the already legendary Marvel game!

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