Marvel Comics X-Men Wolverine Fine Art Statue by Kotobukiya

The nearly immortal mutant, Wolverine showcase realistic movement, and energy as he charges towards his enemies at full force. The disintegrated cement portrayed as the base for the statue adds extra depth and realism to the scene.

Kotobukiya Fine Arts Series brings everybody's favorite Marvel X-Men in a full bodysuit makes him look completely gritty, whilst revealing only the lower part of his face and his claws protrude through it as well.

This 1/6 Scale Wolverine from Kotobukiya is captured in a ready to strike a pose, mid-lunged and leaping forward with his right leg as he jabs his left hand for a classic wolverine lethal strike.

The stark black and yellow armor sections of his costume make a cool “X” out of negative space, and it includes his trademark pointed cowl.

Logan’s face is contorted into a fierce snarl as he attacks his enemies, and he looks super cool with his eyes covered by the pure white lenses of his costume.

If your a wolverine fan, do not miss out on this

Release Date: September 2020

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