Marvel Comics X-Men Cyclops Fine Art Statue by Kotobukiya

Release Date: October 2021

Superhero Toystore and Kotobukiya celebrate the classic look of Scott Summers from the early 1990s, the mutant leader and tactical genius look prepared for whatever danger the world  can throw at him. Cyclops wears what many consider to be his coolest costume, a sleek blue bodysuit with bright yellow accessories like trunks, gloves, boots, harnesses, and his iconic visor.

Cyclops from “X-Men” is making a return to a fully revamped Fine Art line of Statues from Kotobuliya. The Marvel Comics Superhero was digitally sculpted to portray an intense and action-packed battle scene that extends from the base to the statue.

The level of energy that is portrayed in this 1/6th Scale statue is up there with some of the very best in class. The fine details include the texture of the skin and the rips and tears on his suit are replicated in a way that only high-quality cold cast resin can achieve.

When displayed with Wolverine from the same series, the intense battle scene only ever gets better.

Keep an eye out for the ever-expanding FINE ART line from Kotobukiya!

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