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    Marvel Comics War Machine (XM 'War Tank' Exclusive) Ver A Statue by XM Studios

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    You saw XM Studios bring you some of the best DC Statues you have ever seen but now it's the turn of the Marvel Universe. The newest addition to the super popular Marvel line is the War Machine.

    War Tank is an original concept co-created by XM and artist Adi Granov (who is best known for creating the concept and keyframe artwork for Marvel Studios' Iron Man, which was released in 2008).

    War Tank is a heavily enhanced exo-suit extension of War Machine's suit, bringing on explosive artillery and massively expanding War Machine's firepower and weaponry capabilities. It has never been seen before in comics.

    The 33 inches tall War Tank's angular and aggressive design is meticulously detailed, drawing on Rhodey's military background. War Tank's heavy armour-plated suit, tank tracks as legs for mobility, a massive rail gun on his right, missile launchers, and multiple gunpower make him a very offensive and powerful asset to have on the battlefield.

    Crafted in cold-cast porcelain, this War Machine figure is painstakingly handcrafted and individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. An incredible figure that is an absolute must for any true Marvel fan.


    • War Machine within War Tank.
    • Light-up chest and eyes
    • Additional light-up features
    • Crafted in polystone
    • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with a high-quality finish.

    Proudly brought to you by XM Studios and Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive online store for official Marvel Comics Action Figures, Statues, and other Pop-culture merch!


    • Adi Granov (2D)
    • Frederic Daoust (3D)
    • XM Studios Design and Development Team