Marvel Comics Venompool Status by PCS

Release Date: July 2021

A monstrous mix between the Venom symbiote and the merc with a mouth Deadpool himself, Venompool is a dangerous hybrid who brings the best or worst of both worlds. Inspired by the in-game Savage Land stage, the former mutant-killing machine is overgrown with moss and mud as Venompool lunges into battle.

PCS Collectibles presents the Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue, based on the wildly popular playable character from the hit game Marvel Contest of Champions. At 1:3 Scale, this statue measures a massive 40” tall and 30” wide on top of the ruins of a Sentinel's head and is one of the biggest statues ever on Superhero Toystore.

The Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue is fully sculpted from head to toe with terrifying textures where the swirling symbiote is practically sutured to his suit. Based on his unique character model, his black and red costume blends the best elements of both twisted antiheroes, including tactical pouches, a pair of wrapped katanas, and a nightmarish symbiote smile.

The statue includes two swap-out portraits featuring a closed-mouth grin and an open-mouth snarl revealing his long tongue. The remnants of the cosmic champion’s chains can be seen on his ankles and wrists, proving that no restraints can match the might of Venompool.

Summoner, unlock a new champion, and bring home the Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles today!

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