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Marvel Comics Thor Unleashed 1/10th Scale Statue by Iron Studios

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Created with extreme care and attention, rigorously faithful to the smallest details to achieve maximum prominence in the collection, Iron Studios proudly presents its first statue in the new high-quality line, Unleashed Deluxe Art Scale. This new line elevates the brand's traditional 1/10 Scale statues to a new standard of excellence that no one has ever seen before in a figure of these proportions.

Chosen by fans like yourselves through an online poll as the first Marvel character in the line, Thor Unleashed Deluxe statue by Iron Studios presents the Thunder God in a stylized format, inspired by the hero’s look from contemporary comics, with a rustic visual aspect, influenced even more by Nordic culture.

The base of the statue is full of details, such as stones and Nordic runes, the original symbol of the hammer Mjölnir, as in Viking culture depicted around the base. There is also an image of the giant snake that surrounds the world, Jormungand, and a warrior's face, with a texture reminiscent of wood carvings.

At 11 inches tall the mighty Thor Odinson is leaning on the cracked rocks of a battlefield and wielding his mystic hammer with the inscriptions of the enchantments created by his father, Odin. Next to him is the blue energy effect that simulates an open dimensional portal, which reveals the peculiar small figure of Throg, the variant version of the hero in the form of a frog, holding his Frogjolnir hammer, a miniature version created from a sliver of Mjolnir.

This Polystone Statue features meticulously detailed textures of his costume, in the sewings and adornments, the statue has a red cape made of fabric with inlaid wires for an even more realistic and dynamic shape.

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