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Marvel Comics Taskmaster Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

“I can counter anything you throw at me. I can mimic and adapt to any move you make.”

An excellent teacher and one of the best SHIELD agents in history, Taskmaster is a complicated man. He has used his skills as a teacher to many supervillains, henchmen, and even some heroes. In order to clean his record, he started working for the U.S. government as a combat instructor. Due to a set of events, he was ultimately put in as sheriff of the criminal island known as Bagalia. He once again shifted his loyalties and serves as Madame Hydra's personal bodyguard.

Sideshow presents the Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure, ready to defeat your universe of Marvel collectibles. This highly detailed figure measures 21.5” tall and 25” wide, poised on top of a training facility base as the skilled tactician as Anthony Masters brandishes his sword assertively at his foes. Armed with his traditional Avengers-fighting arsenal, including the sword, a shield, and a bow and quiver, Taskmaster stands confident that he has already won the battle before it even begins.

The polyresin Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure features a designer costume with faithful callbacks to his earliest appearance as well as modernized elements. Taskmaster wears a wired, posable fabric cape and hood with a white textured exterior, red inner lining, and weathering details. The rest of his blue, orange and white costume is sculpted and includes his bodysuit, belts, gloves, and boots to complete his striking look. Taskmaster’s shield and belt buckle are emblazoned with his signature ‘T’ shaped logo, and his menacing skull mask portrait gives this master combatant an impactful appearance.



Taskmaster is one of the most interesting and powerful characters in Marvel Comics and this Sideshow Collectible statue perfectly represents the grey villain. Add this awesome looking figure to your collection.

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Release Date: October 2021

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