Marvel Comics Super Hero Mashers Web Slinging Mash Pack By Hasbro (One Character Missing)

Please Note: The original box of the product is damaged but the actual product itself is in supremely new condition and we will deliver the product in a good packaging to ensure no damages during shipping!

Spidey senses are tingling like never before and the Villains don't stand a chance.

Superhero Toystore and Hasbro bring you Marvel Comics Super Hero Mashers Web-Slinging Mash Pack. Imagine leaping into action-packed adventures with these three Marvel Super Hero Mashers figures!

Sized right for younger heroes, this set is packed with as much Marvel power as one could into these collectible, 6-inch action figures. Kids will love giving their favorite Marvel Super Heroes a crime-fighting boost. The figures have 7 connecting points to remove the heads, arms, and legs and then put them back together as they please. Creative fun is the order of the day thanks to the universal fasteners, the parts can be swapped with other Hero Mashers characters and combined into a fun superhero mash-up.

Epic Hero Team set by Hasbro includes fun articulated figures of Spiderman and Venom. These figures feature amazing paintwork and come packaged in a kid-friendly color box.

Assemble your heroes today!

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