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Marvel Comics Odin 1:10th Scale Deluxe Statue by iron Studios

The true god of all Marvel and the emperor of the seven worlds, the allfather Odin is finally getting the grandeur he deserves.

Odin Borson, the ruler of Asgard and father of Thor, gave his right eye as an offering to the World Tree to gain all knowledge and uses this wisdom to protect his people against evils from other realms.

Inspired by his appearance in Marvel Comics, the limited edition Odin Deluxe 1/10th Scale Statue by Iron Studios captures the All-Father ruling the realms from his throne in Asgard as he brandishes the mighty Gungnir - the enchanted three-pronged Spear of Heaven.

The polystone statue stands at 12.1 inches and has been carefully crafted with an incredible level of detail, from the textures in the stone and armor to his grizzled portrait that captures the weight of the crown he bears and has been expertly finished with hand painting for a truly epic showpiece.

Rule your Marvel collection with the Iron Studios Odin Deluxe 1/10th Scale Statue.

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