Marvel Comics Medieval Iron Man Figure by Beast Kingdom

Release Date: December 2022

The Beast Kingdom, a premium collectible lifestyle brand brings something exclusively for hardcore Iron Man fans like you.

The latest in the DAH line-up has a new take on classic Marvel Super Heroes with the release of the Iron Man Medieval knight cross-over combining the technologically advanced Iron Man suit with a noble European medieval knight's armour.

In this highly articulated figure, the unique mashup of old and new recreates and combines a classic design with engravings and intricate details of yesteryear to create this aggressive looking Iron Man robotic style suit. The abundant list of accessories with this highly articulated 8-inch figure includes weapons, effects, and an engraved shield!

Under Iron Man's armour, collectors can see real, golden designed chain mail used for the figure's suit, just like the original knights wore! An led-light is also there in the same spot of the arc-reactor, this time with intricate detailing on the outside.

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