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    Marvel Comics Gallery X-Men Magneto Statue by Diamond Gallery

    Release Date: May 2024


    Step into a nostalgic journey with the Marvel Gallery Diorama - Erik "Magnus" Lehnsherr edition, a sensational release from Diamond Select Toys! Celebrating the iconic '90s era, this 10-inch masterpiece captures the essence of the mighty Magneto in all his glory. Crafted from top-notch PVC material, the sculpture boasts exquisite sculpting and paint applications that bring out the character's true essence. With mesmerizing translucent energy effects that brilliantly catch the light, this diorama is sure to become a cherished addition to your Marvel collection.

    Product Features:

    Feature Description
    Marvel Gallery Diorama - '90s Edition Relive the vibrant '90s era with this stunning diorama, featuring Erik "Magnus" Lehnsherr in action.
    High-Quality PVC Construction Made from premium PVC, this diorama showcases outstanding durability and impeccable detailing.
    Captivating Sculpt and Paint Work Designed with utmost care, the sculpture exudes the essence of Magneto through meticulous detailing.
    Translucent Energy Effects Experience the magic as the translucent energy effects mesmerizingly catch and reflect the light.
    Full-Color Window Box Packaging The diorama is elegantly presented in a full-color window box, perfect for display and storage.
    Designed by Caesar The vision of this impressive diorama is brought to life by the talented designer, Caesar.
    Sculpted by Varner Studios Varner Studios' skilled sculptor breathes life into the character, creating an unforgettable piece.


    Immerse yourself in the era of the X-Men animated series and relive the magnetic charisma of Erik "Magnus" Lehnsherr with this remarkable Marvel Gallery Diorama. Whether you're a long-time Marvel enthusiast or a fan of '90s nostalgia, this collectible is a must-have for your Marvel display.

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